Monday, October 4, 2010

ICOM IC-703 ~ 706 MK 2 LCD

IC-703, IC-706, IC-706MK2

 Hi....if you have a difficulties viewing your dark display and need to change it, no worries. I have  them factory made and ready in stocked.
ICOM no more stock and many ICOM IC706's lover have left their radio unused. Now you can cleaned it up and change the display.

ICOM IC-706 DS4 5010000171 LCD DLC 7973YBGF-1

ICOM IC-706 MK2 DS4 5010000210 LCD DLC 7986YBGF

ICOM IC-703 DS4 5030001670 LCD DLC 8309 YBGF

Qty 1 pc = USD30.00 + EMS USD35.00
Qty 2-5 pcs = USD25.00 + EMS USD35.00
Qty 6-10 pcs = USD20.00 + EMS USD35.00
Qty 11 pcs and above please e-mail for price.
Stocks +450 pcs.

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